Blockchain? DLT? Decentralize?

Distributed Ledger Technology can play a role in fostering a more equitable web. As investors in the space since 2014, we've been observing and analysing the emerging Web3 for a while. In 2018, we upgraded the blockchain narrative in Singapore ecosystem with De/Centralize, our flagship conference with 80 world-class speakers and 600 attendees.


Starting with the original Bitcoin whitepaper, we understood the potentials of blockchain as an entirely new way of information storage and transfer. We work to extract the signal from a noisy cryptosphere.


We curate and host leading teams building meaningful projects at our events.


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Kenneth Bok

Kenneth Bok


Kenneth has been part of the blockchain phenomenon since 2014 and invested in several token projects at inception-stage including Ethereum, Cosmos and Tezos. Previously an equities trader with Goldman Sachs in London, Kenneth holds an M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College.


Meltem Demirors

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares

"De/Centralize exceeded my expectations in many ways. I found De/Centralize to be thoughtful, contrarian, and global in its audience."

Timothy Draper

Timothy Draper

Founder and Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

"De/Centralize is a terrific platform for bitcoin and blockchain companies to come to spread the good work, and globalize and harmonize our world."

Vinay Mohan

Vinay Mohan

Director, Asia-Pacific Operations, ConsenSys

"This conference is a great representation. You have the four pillars of an ecosystem: government, dev community, private sector and academia."


De/Centralize @ IoT Asia 2019

Why is the confluence of IoT with Blockchain so exciting? Interchange and De/Centralize join hands to find out the answers. Did you know that 78% of IoT innovators reported that they have difficulties in operationalising Read more…

The Future of the Token Economy

As part of SF Blockchain Week in October 2018 (Organised by Dekrypt Capital and Noris), De/Centralize and BLOCK71 San Francisco, a Singaporean tech accelerator, jointly hosted a panel of blockchain experts to discuss the future of the internet, the promise of decentralisation, and Read more…